Florida Considering Tax Credits for ‘Family-Friendly’ Movies


Florida has been offering substantial tax credits to studios shooting in the state since 2007, but a new bill before the state legislature promises to sweeten the deal for the makers of "family-friendly" movies. Among the disqualifying factors for public funds include "nontraditional family values," which basically translates to "anything involving gay characters." Representative Stephen Precourt, the sponsor of the bill, has pretty much admitted that films with gay characters are off-limits for the additional tax credits, though there is no official description of what "nontraditional family values" entails. Filmmakers hoping to shoot a movie about, say, an ultraviolent gay vigilante, on location in Tallahassee, should take heart: This "family-friendly" business only pertains to a new proposed bonus, and the state would still be obliged to pay the basic tax incentives. [Palm Beach News via Cinematical]