Gucci Mane Not Letting a Little Thing Like His Incarceration Stop Him From Making Music


Hey, new Gucci Mane! We know what you’re thinking: Cool, Gucci’s out of prison. Nope — dude recorded all of his new mixtape, Burrprint 2, over the phone from jail. Okay, yeah, Shyne did it first, but it’s unlikely he got this intricate with it. Producer Drumma Boy explained the process to MTV, saying, “I recorded his verses but later realized that there was no consistent tempo. This means I had to chop up each word for word to punch into tempo, which took me about five to six hours. After I had lined up his verses, I then began to add music around the verses, structure the build, and then create a hook that matched the intensity of his verses.” The first leak is “Atlanta Zoo,” on which Gucci impressively boasts of his manifold illegal activities while, we remind you once more, he's in prison. Ludacris is on the track, too, and his verse (“Pop pop, get a glock hot, and got a colt 45 like Billy Dee/semi automatic that I keep up in the attic and a shank that’s shaped like Tennesee”) is definitely not — wait for it — phoned in.