Guns N’ Roses Playing More Tiny Gigs


Apparently, Axl had such a good time playing those tiny gigs in the city during Fashion Week, he’s looking to do it all over again: Reuters is reporting that during the upcoming South American leg of the Chinese Democracy tour, Guns N’ Roses will play three more secret shows! (Well, “secret” as in “taking place at undisclosed locations,” not “secret” as in “going unreported by an international news agency.”) There’ll be one in São Paulo on Thursday, one in Buenos Aires on March 20, and another is in the works for Rio de Janeiro. Each venue will hold about 150 people, but organizer (and Axl buddy) Jamison Ernest won’t reveal where for fear of riots at the locations if he does (but rioting and GNR have such a rich history together!). We’ll be on the lookout for shaky YouTube footage, even though past experience suggests we shouldn’t be expecting much. What we’re really looking forward to? Inevitable reports of Axl partying with South America’s version of Scarlett Johansson.

Guns N' Roses Plan 'Secret' Shows In South America [Reuters]