Ryan Adams Goes ‘METAL’


Ryan Adams is back! After an excruciating year and a half since his last album (eons in Adams-time), Cardinology, Mandy Moore’s man announced his new album on Friday with a message on his site: “We're going to begin pressing ORION — my most legit METAL record — on vinyl next week. Have a listen to the song below and let us at [his record label] PAXAM know if you'd be interested in purchasing one. P.S. Not a single B.C. Rich was hurt in the making of this record.” (By the way, there was an actual poll where you could vote "yes" or "no" before, but it's closed now.) Before we listened to the new song, “Electrosnake,” we assumed even his "legit METAL" wouldn't be too far from the jokey variety he’s been prone to posting on his site and volunteering as theme music for media and culture blogs. Turns out, it’s a lot more normal than that! In fact, other than the name and the genre-connoting shrieks toward the end, “Electrosnake” wouldn’t sound out of place on Adams’s rock and roll album, Rock N Roll. Since we are already on record as liking that album no matter what Courtney Love thinks, we’re gonna go back and vote "yes" a few more times.

[Via Stereogum]