Hellboy Is Conan the Barbarian’s Dad


We just heard some good news about Conan — and no, we don't mean the high-haired Irish-Catholic NBC comic with the ankles of a puny chicken. We mean CONAN! the barbarian swordsman, thief, and Cimmerian fighter! Insiders tell Vulture exclusively that Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, will replace Mickey Rourke as Corin, Conan's father ... and a single dad at that! Lionsgate begins shooting the remake of the 1982 classic Conan the Barbarian in Bulgaria later this month, with Marcus Nispel (who brought you last year's umpteenth outing of Friday the 13th) directing Hawaiian male model Jason Momoa in the title role. We can't speak for everyone, but we very much doubt that with a badass like Ron Perlman for a dad, we'd grow up to be a male model — Hawaiian or otherwise.