Hey, a New Twilight Book


Commence shrieking! On June 5, edit-resistant Twilight author Stephenie Meyer will publish The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, a new spinoff book narrated by a young member of Victoria's evil newborn vampire army and set during the plotting of the attack on Edward and Bella in Eclipse (we don't know what any of that means, either). It'll be the shortest entry in the series and Meyer is calling it a "novella," even though it'll weigh in at nearly 200 pages. And to thank the fans who've given her so much, the author will let them ruin their eyesight by reading it for free on a website for its first month in release. This isn't the first time Meyer has retold one of her old books from the perspective of a different character (her aborted Midnight Sun was just the first Twilight narrated by Edward instead of Bella), but if it sells, maybe she'll tell us what Jacob's abdominal muscles were thinking during New Moon.

Surprise! [Stephenie Meyer]