Hey, NBC, Please Stop Stealing Party Down Cast Members


As noted in our Industry roundup this morning, Ryan Hansen has been cast in the NBC pilot Friends With Benefits, a comedy about people uncomplicatedly sleeping with each other. But wait, what about Party Down, the highly underrated Starz catering comedy Hansen is currently cast in? The second season of the show premieres April 23, and will assumably feature lots of hilarity centered on Hansen’s dim-witted aspiring actor character, Kyle Bradway. But if Friends With Benefits gets picked up, Party Down will probably have to go Kyle-free in the third season. Boo!

What really hurts is that NBC has already maybe stolen away Adam Scott, who plays Party Down’s ostensible main character Henry Pollard, recruiting him for two episodes of Parks and Recreation's current season and a recurring role for the third. (Also, NBC isn’t even being original in their Party Down actor theft: Fox was the pioneer in the field, stealing Jane Lynch away for Glee.) What’s going on over there at 30 Rock? Can’t NBC hire anyone who isn’t already on an established, funny show? Or maybe some people who are on an established, funny show other than this one? Things could be worse, though: Thankfully, new Party Down cast member Megan Mullally has some recent, high-profile experience in suggesting replacements for co-workers.

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