How Long Before Somebody Remixes James Cameron’s Glenn Beck Dis?


You've read what James Cameron had to say about Glenn "Fucking Asshole" Beck at yesterday's Avatar DVD junket — and now you can hear it! The Hollywood Reporter's James Hibberd has made the audio of Cameron's rant available on his blog, and it's pretty terrific. Among our favorite bits that weren't transcribed in the original THR story are the HMFIC's Beavis-y laugh after he says the thing about global-warming skeptics having their heads up their asses ("Heh heh heh heh"), and when he explains that Beck called him the Antichrist over "this little thing I did about Jesus," referring to that time he claimed to have found a way into Jesus' tomb and disproved most major tenets of Christianity. So how long will we have to wait before somebody makes a remix?


AUDIO: James Cameron slams Glenn Beck
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