From Jarhead to Hurt Locker: How Iraq Movies Got Good


With The Hurt Locker's big night at the Oscars, and Green Zone blasting onto screens this weekend, has Hollywood finally beaten the Iraq Curse — the belief that movies about the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan) are doomed to fail, either critically and/or financially? Maybe! The Hurt Locker may not have set the box office on fire, but it can obviously be considered a success. And this year actually saw at least two other films about the war that succeeded in their own small ways — The Messenger and In the Loop. Indeed, the progression of the Iraq/Afghantistan war movie over the past few years — from 2005's Jarhead on — suggests that with each release, filmmakers have learned new lessons about how to make and market these movies. Here is our look at how the Iraq war movie has developed over the years.