Iron Man 2 Trailer: It’s Been Too Long, Mickey Rourke


Last night, long after you went to sleep trying not to have Ben Stiller-as-a-Na’vi nightmares, Robert Downey Jr. popped up on Jimmy Kimmel to debut the new Iron Man 2 trailer. Now, for your convenience, we have it posted below. And guess what? This thing looks awesome! We get nice long looks at Sam Rockwell being a creepy bad guy, Don Cheadle suiting up, Samuel L. Jackson rocking an eye patch, Scarlett Johansson blowing things up, and Robert Downey Jr. being Robert Downey Jr. But, much like the rest of the Internet, what we really can’t get enough of is Mickey Rourke as Whiplash: We’re loving the over-the-top Russian accent, the bad tattoos, even the highlights. We know we haven’t even seen Iron Man 2 yet, but ... Whiplash spinoff?