Did Scarlett Johansson Opt Out of a Russian Accent in Iron Man 2?


From her Brantley-acclaimed stint in Broadway's A View From the Bridge to a pair of non-embarrassing albums, Scarlett Johansson has proven herself capable of many things — but was a Russian accent too tricky? During Saturday night's Kids' Choice Awards, Paramount debuted this TV ad for May 7's Iron Man 2 in which Johansson's character, the evil Stalingrad-born Black Widow (née Natasha Romanoff), finally says something. She speaks only one quick line, and we might be missing something, but we don't hear a Russian accent. Actually, it sounds a little like a North Dakotan one, which isn't very villainous at all.

Black Widow Finally Says Something In 'Iron Man 2' TV Spot [Playlist]