Jim Carrey and Kate Hudson in Talks to Make Better Butter Together


Insiders tell Vulture that the fate of Butter — a Black List–featured script that uses a butter-carving contest at the Iowa State Fair as a metaphor for 2008's Hilary versus Obama Iowa caucus showdown — is, uh, getting clarified: The Weinstein Company and producer Mike DeLuca are entering into discussions with Jim Carrey to star, while Kate Hudson is already negotiating to come aboard. Jason Micallef's script (which also won 2008's Nicholl Fellowship) would have Carrey playing a philandering, Bill Clinton–esque repeat sculpting champion who is forced to stop competing because he's "termed out." When his long-suffering wife (Jennifer Garner is already signed on) finally steps up for her chance to become America's next top dairy queen, she's pitted against a 12-year-old African-American girl in foster care. Hudson would co-star as the Carrey character's illicit paramour. We're already looking forward to the sequel, I Can't Believe It's Not Health-Care Reform.