Jim Halpert Won’t Play Captain America


Good news for Office writers who might've otherwise had to come up with some implausible excuse for Jim to gain 40 pounds of muscle mass: Deadline's Mike Fleming says that of the original seven actors on Marvel's short list to play Captain America, only two unfamous ones are still actually competing for the role: Cloverfield's Mike Vogel and Garrett Hedlund from the upcoming Tron: Legacy. Which means it won't be Chace Crawford, Michael Cassidy, Scott Porter, Patrick Flueger, or, most importantly, Krasinski, despite what was reported yesterday. This doesn't necessarily mean that Marvel hated their auditions; the winning actor will be required to sign on for nine potential sequels and spinoffs, and be paid only $300,000 for the first America movie, making this sort of a crappy job for a guy with a fictional baby to put through college.

Marvel Still Looking For Captain America [DHD]