Update: Joaquin Phoenix Won’t Return to Acting As Edgar Allen Poe


What will be Joaquin Phoenix’s first role after his return from self-imposed bearded strangeness? Edgar Allen Poe, of course, in a film adaptation of Daniel Stashower’s The Beautiful Cigar Girl, which seems to be appropriately dark.

The book weaves together the story of Mary Rogers, a clerk at a tobacco store frequented by popular writers who was found horribly mutilated in the Hudson River, and Edgar Allan Poe, who used the events surrounding Rogers' murder to pen his story "The Mystery of Marie Roget."

No word yet on which director will be rapping on Joaquin’s trailer door, or if Joaquin will be doing some rapping of his own for the film.

Joaquin Phoenix to Play Edgar Allen Poe in 'The Beautiful Cigar Girl' [Horror Squad]

Update: Phoenix's rep denied rumors that the actor has signed on to play Poe in the film.