John Cusack, Blogger, Still Talking About Those Mushrooms He Ate at the Super Bowl


When we ran a post last week on all the times John Cusack told interviewers about the mushrooms he did at the 1986 Super Bowl, we thought that would be the last we'd hear of it. But no — not even close. Today Cusack, apparently out of fear that someone somewhere in the world might not have heard about it yet, guest-blogged on BoingBoing an even more in-depth description of his famous anecdote. John Cusack was not ready for some football:

"[W]atching the [half-time] performance was like diving into an ocean of bad fashion and forced smiles. Dr. Pepper dancing and Mom Jeans from shore to shore ... pre-Prozac in motion. ... military ballet ... Mandatory cheers and quasi-religious cult patriotics ... the glory of the empire."

Then he slams Reagan and recalls how he barely escaped with his brains intact: "Later that night in New Orleans, I met a zombie, but I got away without being bitten." Phew.

The Beat of the Future

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