Just Wright Trailer: Common Shoots, Scores


We’re sure the targeted demographic of Queen Latifah romantic comedies doesn’t much care if Common looks believable playing an NBA star … but we do! That’s why we’re wondering whether it was necessarily a good idea for Common’s first-ever lead role to involve so much dribbling and shooting. Dude definitely hit the gym for the part of sharpshooter Scott McKnight (we guess they figured naming him Scott McAwesome was too much?), but looks more than a bit wooden raining jumpers and angrily dunking. Of course, we’ll have to actually see the movie to tell if he’s more Leonardo DiCaprio in Basketball Diaries or Darius Miles in The Perfect Score. Thankfully, there are other things in this trailer to make fun of! Namely, that McKnight’s a star for the New Jersey Nets, currently flirting with the worst record in NBA history, and that surgery-loving Sixers forward Elton Brand has a cameo in which he consults with Queen Latifah’s physical-trainer character. Then again, Marv Albert’s in this, too, so all is forgiven.