Knight and Day Trailer: Tom Cruise Was Right the Whole Time


This new trailer for James Mangold's Knight and Day — starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz as a paranoid, crazy-seeming rogue secret agent and a Cameron Diaz—type person (respectively) — doesn't show us much that we didn't already see in the teaser released in December. But there is a brief new bit in which Cruise warns Diaz that they're in danger, though his government superiors will claim he's "mentally unstable," followed by another bit in which Peter Sarsgaard tells her, "until a week ago, Miller was one of the most trusted covert agents in the world. [Then he had] a full-blown break with reality." And over the course of the trailer, Cruise is seemingly exculpated as he fights off bad guys and correctly predicts the advance of a SWAT team during a romantic vacation, thereby proving to Diaz and viewers his sanity. We wonder what it was about the role he found so attractive.