Lady Gaga Strikes Back at Ex With Her Own Lawsuit


In response to a lawsuit filed against her by former producer and ex-boyfriend Rob Fusari, Lady Gaga fired back with a lawsuit of her own accusing Fusari of tricking her into signing an illegal contract. Fusari's suit, which asks for more than $30 million, says Gaga cut him out of her life, and more important, her earnings, after he came up with her stage name and co-wrote several of her songs. But Gaga's lawyers are all, nuh-uh.

They say the contract between Gaga and Fusari was never valid because he wasn't a licensed talent agent and that Fusari's actions were ultimately "predatory and financially abusive." Fusari's lawyer said the counter suit is "ludicrous," adding that "Rob was no more of an 'agent' for her than she is a Roman Catholic nun." He's got a point about Gaga not being a nun. She's a bloody nun!

Lady Gaga aims lawsuit at ex-producer Rob Fusari for conning her into signing illegal contract