Last Night on Late Night: Dana Carvey's Act Is a Tad Racist


Last night Dana Carvey stopped by The Tonight Show to promote a stand-up special and his act seemed to rely heavily on imitating other races. Carvey is a comedy legend but during his interview he kept doing these terrible ethnic impressions that nobody asked him to do. It wasn't like Leno said, "Hey, give us your best Indian guy." Jimmy Fallon, on the other hand, offered a terrific impression of Eric Massa on his show. Then, there was an awkward moment on The Late Show when Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe pageant, struggled to name the current Miss USA. Craig Ferguson struggled with Eddie Izzard on his own show, as the actor felt the urge to redecorate Ferguson's set (he did say he'd had a drink beforehand). Finally, Stephen Colbert revealed the results of his first ever poll. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.