Last Night on Late Night: Jamie Oliver Makes a Fool of Himself


Jamie Oliver was forced to endure what he called "the most unconventional cooking segment I've ever done" on The Late Show last night when David Letterman refused to follow any of the celebrity chef's cooking advice. Letterman used five of Oliver's seven minutes chatting philosophically about obesity and then seemed to view the cooking portion as a competition to determine who could make the best fried egg. Joe Biden's color commentary on the health-care bill inspired a bit of late-night competition as well, but Jimmy Fallon had the joke of the evening, one that envisioned a vice-president fairly similar to the one found in The Onion. On The Late Late Show, Craig Ferguson and Regis Philbin had a harsh diagnosis for a viewer who wrote in about his father's Twilight obsession, and, on his show, Jimmy Kimmel examined an undermocked attribute of Jesse James's mistress. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.