Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Blows Up at Bush Speechwriter


Over the years Jon Stewart has interviewed numerous personalities whom he clearly dislikes, but from Jim Cramer to Alberto Gonzales he's always managed to conduct himself with a great deal of equanimity (in the case of Gonzales, he even apologized the next day for being too evenhanded). Last night, however, Stewart notably lost patience with George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen, talking over him with attacks like, "It's a very selective world that you live in and it must be lovely to live there." Thiessen, who seemed to be looking for confrontation, was there promoting his new book just as Chelsea Handler was trying to promote hers on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, where real blood was spilled. In a martini-making race that Handler called "stupid" from the get-go, Fallon slipped and cut his hand, seeming badly (ahem) shaken afterward. On the Tonight Show, Christoph Waltz demonstrated how he fakes speaking Italian in a segment that would have been far more enjoyable had the host not tried to do it himself. Finally, on his show, David Letterman reminded his audience that he's still not over it. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.