Last Night on Late Night: Rockapella Does It


Last night Jimmy Fallon continued his quest to reference every single thing that happened in the 90s in a bit where he and his staffers dressed as Rockapella from the Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? game show. The sketch was actually very funny, because after the traditional introduction ("Do it, Rockapella!") the band just repeated the "mmm-bop" opening of the Carmen Sandiego theme for two minutes. At the risk of sounding equally repetitive, David Letterman demonstrated that he's pretty much the only person who can still successfully tell a Tiger Woods joke. Later, Craig Feruson asked John Cusack if he would ever fight a kangaroo and Cusack's quick, detailed answer indicated that it may not have been the first time he'd thought about it. Finally, on The Tonight Show Charles Barkley revealed that, despite being being a tall creature not of this world, he didn't care for Avatar. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.