Last Night on Late Night: What Kind of TV Does Toni Collette Watch?


Jimmy Fallon kicked off the guest portion of his show last night with a game of charades that pitted him and Toni Collette against his announcer and Julianne Moore. Fallon performed admirably when given the phrase "Jersey Shore," but Collette's guesses ("gay bar," "dickhead") just raised questions about the kind of TV they have in Australia. On The Late Show, Jennifer Aniston seemed embarrassed when David Letterman gawked at the photos of her home in Architectural Digest, and relieved when it turned out to be the setup for a self-deprecating joke. Then, former WWF champ Mick Foley stopped by The Daily Show to teach Jon Stewart about filibusters, though Stewart learned something far more important: Never call pro wrestling fake in front of a pro wrestler. Finally, Stephen Colbert put a hold on his Massa jokes to earnestly discuss Afghanistan. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.