Leaked David Mamet Memo to Writers of The Unit Will Only Add to Mamet’s Legend


A memo allegedly written by David Mamet to the writers of his unfortunately canceled CBS show The Unit surfaced on the web yesterday, and unlike the average leaked Hollywood memo, it actually seems pretty helpful (though strongly worded), with advice like "ANY TIME TWO CHARACTERS ARE TALKING ABOUT A THIRD, THE SCENE IS A CROCK OF SHIT." (Mamet probably loathes Gossip Girl!) Mamet shows no mercy, however, for the "blue-suited penguins," a.k.a. CBS execs: "ANY DICKHEAD WITH A BLUESUIT CAN BE (AND IS) TAUGHT TO SAY “MAKE IT CLEARER”, AND “I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HIM”. So true! Now somebody just teach Dave how to turn the caps lock off. [Movieline]