Lorne Michaels: O’Brien Will Prevail ‘Again’


Lorne Michaels hasn’t lost faith in Team Coco. The Saturday Night Live creator and executive producer said Tuesday night, at a "Live From New York" discussion, that he believes O’Brien will prevail after his recent exit from the Tonight Show. Michaels, who used to be an executive producer on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, was somewhat careful with his words, though he described O’Brien as “very smart” and “just brilliant,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. After explaining that O’Brien overcame struggles on Late Night, Michaels said he was “sure [O’Brien] will again." When asked about the reasons behind the O'Brien–Jay Leno conflict, Michaels was more evasive, saying only that O'Brien did "not necessarily" have a strong lead-in to his Tonight Show. [HR]