Marmaduke Trailer Found to Be Safe, Effective Birth Control


Hey! Did you love Beverly Hills Chihuahua, with its racial stereotypes acted out by CGI dogs, but find Marley and Me to be too intellectually rigorous (the dog didn't even talk! Refund!)? You might be 7 years old, then, and Marmaduke, based on a newspaper comic strip you've never heard of, might be something in one or both of your parents' grim futures. And if there are any parents reading this, you might want to schedule a family vacation for early June in a place with no movie theaters, like, say, Tahiti. Or invest in a good flask. There's only one thing about the Marmaduke trailer that isn't an insult to dogs, people, and the art of moviemaking itself, and that is the nice car William H. Macy is probably now enjoying with his small-role earnings. We guess it could be worse — that bad CGI of all the dogs dancing in the park at the end could have been set to "Hallelujah."

[20th Century Fox/YouTube]