Miracle Worker to Close After Brief Broadway Run


After just 38 performances, the Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker, starring Abigail Breslin as Helen Keller, is set to close next Sunday, the show’s producers said. Also starring Alison Pill as Keller’s teacher Annie Sullivan, Worker opened on March 3 to mixed reviews. Having cost $2.6 million to put up, the show — which met some early controversy after casting Breslin instead of a blind or deaf actress — will represent a significant financial loss for its producers and investors. Producer David Richenthal told the Times last fall that he would “consider it financially irresponsible to approach a major revival without making a serious effort to get a star”; yet, oddly, he didn't take his own advice — instead of casting a Scarlett or Katie as Sullivan, he hoped for a miracle.

Closing Date for ‘The Miracle Worker [Arts Beat/NYT]