Nina Sky Plan to Annoy Their Way Out of Record Deal


Nina Sky, the identical twins behind the 2004 hit “Move Ya Body,” enjoyed a mini-resurgence last summer thanks to a feature on Major Lazer’s indie smash “Keep It Going Louder,” and were hoping to ride the wave into the release of their long-delayed sophomore album, Starting Today. Their label, Polo Grounds, hasn’t been too cooperative, though: According to the duo’s Twitter, the album’s been done for months, but Polo has no plans to release it or allow them to take it elsewhere. Sensibly, then, they tweeted their label chief Bryan Leech’s work and home numbers and personal e-mail, urging their Twitter followers to badger him into submission. Look, we’re all for supporting artists in their squabbles with shortsighted label execs, but man, Nina Sky are being so annoying. [NinaSky/Twitter via RapRadar]