Richard Gere, Eric Bana, and Keira Knightley Are Noah Baumbach’s Children


Noah Baumbach’s been attached to the adaptation of Claire Messud’s The Emperor’s Children — about the privileged lives of three Brown University grads in Manhattan during the summer of 2001 — for roughly forever, but with Greenberg freshly in theaters, it’s now officially announced as his next directorial project. Ron Howard, who was originally slated to direct (Baumbach was brought onboard at first just for the screenplay), is producing with Brian Grazer. And there are casting announcements, too, with Keira Knightley, Eric Bana, and Richard Gere all signed on. The three protagonists are supposed to be pushing 30, which works for Knightley, but we’re assuming Bana and Gere will be playing other, less youthful characters. It starts shooting this summer, meaning Baumbach-hater Armond White has plenty of time to think up even crazier things to say in his Emperor’s Children review than the stuff he came up with for Greenberg.

Exclusive: Knightley, Bana, Gere Join 'Emperor's Children' [Wrap via ComingSoon]