Okay, the New Mad Men Barbies Look Kind of Cool


Mattel is making fully licensed and Matthew Weiner–approved Mad Men Barbies to coincide with July's season-four premiere. The dolls come in Joan, Roger, Don, and Betty, because those are the best-looking characters, and if you want them to drink or smoke you'll have to supply your own tiny vice objects, because these Barbies are clean living. While we don't know exactly what kind of person has $300 in their Barbie budget for the whole set, we do kind of want to take them out of their boxes and reenact famous scenes from the show. (Though, actually, a mere glimpse of Don Draper–Ken's "smooth area" just might ruin the show's mystique forever.) You know who will definitely be getting the Roger Sterling Ken as a gift? Its doppelgänger, Anderson Cooper!

‘Mad Men’ Dolls in a Barbie World, but the Cocktails Must Stay Behind [NYT]