Pantsless Dakota Fanning Will Catch Cold in ‘Cherry Bomb’ Music Video


We've seen the trailer, we've heard the music, and now we see the Runaways music video, in which a bustier-clad, garter-belt-strapped, 16-year-old Dakota Fanning snarls out her best Cherie Currie over a montage of movie scenes. And while she doesn't seem uncomfortable in her skin, exactly, there's a vulnerability to her red-lit motions toward brazenness — especially during the "Hello, Dad; hello, Mom" parts — that gives us a pang of parental panic. A pang of "Hannah Dakota Fanning! Put on some clothes! Someone out there could see you!" After which we'd give her a long lecture about the importance keeping the blinds down. The red Lycra tights at 1:00 are pretty rad, though.