A Short History of the Male Comedy Orgasm


The marketing team behind She’s Out of My League — a raunchy romantic comedy out this Friday about the impossible love between a person and another, more attractive person — released a scene from the movie last month in which Jay Baruchel’s character, Kirk, becomes so aroused during a dynamic make-out session with Alice Eve’s Molly that he … how shall we put this … wraps things up early. It was ostensibly meant to showcase the movie’s edginess, but the savvy consumer knew it wasn’t anything new: nowadays, every Apatow-style irresponsible man-boy must run through an awkward sexual encounter, often complete with an awkward (mostly premature) ejaculation, before he can transform into a slightly less irresponsible man-boy. It’s the latest development in a rich cinematic history of funny-on-purpose male orgasms, a history we’ve delved into for you here today. Did we leave out any trailblazers?