Rachel Dratch Has No Idea What She’s Doing on Upcoming SNL


At Monday night's premiere of Tyler Perry's new film Why Did I Get Married Too?, we talked to comedian Rachel Dratch, who tells us she's a big fan of Perry's Madea movies. But what about her upcoming appearance alongside Betty White onSaturday Night Live's "Women of Comedy" episode? "I don't even really know what we're doing for that," she told us. "They always plan the shows so last-minute. I don't know if we're just going to walk on or do whole scenes." We asked if she had any ideas for sketches to do with Betty White. "I don't have any pitches yet," Dratch said. But can she at least do a good Betty White impersonation? "I don't know, I probably couldn't do it any better than anybody off the street who would tell a St. Olaf story." See more in out Party Lines slideshow.