Sean Penn Ditches Sandra Bullock Backstage; Forest Whitaker Comes to Her Rescue


We already knew that he went a little off-book while presenting Best Actress last night, but Sean Penn's odd behavior continued afterward, according to USA Today's entertaining backstage wrap-up. "Sean, what do I do now?" winner Sandra Bullock pleaded. Penn, reportedly, shrugged and replied, "I don't know."

"Well, I don't know either," Bullock protested, only to have Penn ditch her while she watched Best Director on the backstage monitors. Luckily, knight-in-shining-armor Forest Whitaker rode to the rescue, gently telling Bullock that she could remain backstage, head to the press room, or return to her seat. The two shared In-N-Out jokes while, presumably, Penn left. Did he feel someone else deserved Best Actress, like Gabby Sidibe or his ex-wife? Is he just absent-minded? Or is he a Bitch No. 26?

Onstage drama and backstage delight at the Academy Awards [USA Today via Movieline]