See Footage of the Metallica Riot in Bogota


A riot broke out during Metallica’s show in Bogota, Colombia, on Wednesday, when a whole bunch of ticketless fans showed up with plans of crashing the gates. Apparently, Facebook posts planning the bum-rush were seen by the police and 1,500 officers were sent to monitor the event. Then, while Metallica rocked without incident, things outside got hectic, with the police using water hoses and tear gas, and the rioters responding by taking apart a wall for more effective brick-throwing. Over 160 arrests were made and eight people, including four cops, were injured. While Vulture hopes everyone makes a full, speedy recovery and is very explicitly anti-riot, we can’t but help but wonder if some metalhead Colombian 12-year-old just had the best night of his life. Check out footage of the rioting below.

Riot at Metallica Concert, 160 Arrested [Spin]