What's John Mayer Doing in This New Jay-Z Documentary?


The last time someone made a documentary about Jay-Z playing MSG, it was Fade to Black, and that seemed to work out pretty well for everyone. So, here’s NY-Z, a new fifteen-minute Jay-Z doc — a behind-the-scenes look at his September 11 benefit concert at the Garden, commissioned by Absolut Vodka — that’s been making the rounds. In it, Jay very solemnly expounds on the importance of his parents' record collection, rehearses “Empire State of Mind” in the empty arena, hangs backstage after the show with a lot of blurry-faced people, lets John Mayer shred on “DOA,” and gives his band helpful directions like “I need the stabs up a little bit though … bling bling bling.” We also see him making his way to the stage before the show, drinking what very well might be tea.