Sleater-Kinney Members Form Mystery Band, Plot Reunion


According to a recent interview with Sleater-Kinney guitarist Carrie Brownstein, the beloved indie-punk trio — who have been on hiatus since 2006 — have loose plans to reunite within "the next five years." In the meantime, the members of the band are keeping busy. Brownstein told IFC that she has a new band with drummer Janet Weiss, but has kept mum about any further details, including the new quartet's name and the identities of the other two members of the group. Corin Tucker, the member of Sleater-Kinney not involved in Brownstein's new project, recently announced on her Facebook page that she's currently working on a solo album for S-K's longtime label Kill Rock Stars. Despite the apparent schism, Brownstein insists that the three remain close friends, and that she's hopeful that Sleater-Kinney will be back soon. Fingers crossed! [Guardian UK]