Stuff White People Like: The TV Show


Did you enjoy the brief but impactful moment of cultural relevancy had by the blog Stuff White People Like, and the adjoining Stuff [blank] People like meme? Good news, then: Comedian Patrice O’Neal — who you might recognize from Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, The Office or his various televised stand-up appearances — has landed a Comedy Central pilot that sounds more or less like a straight ripoff of SWPL. It’s called Patrice O’Neal's Guide to White People, is semi-scripted, and will star O’Neal as a professor of whiteness teaching an adult-ed class called Whitey 101 to a class of both foreigners and Americans wishing to learn how to get along with white people. One of the things O’Neal will explore is white people’s affinity for vintage clothing, previously explained by SWPL as prevalent because “it allows a white person to have something that other white people don’t. This is an important consideration when trying to determine the worth and ranking of white people.” We look forward to O’Neal expanding our understanding of how white people are unable to enjoy anything earnestly.

Comedian Patrice O'Neal lands pilot, special [HR]