Summit Adorably Offers Twilight 4 to Condon, Coppola, and Van Sant


If you're Summit Entertainment, flush with money from the first two boring Twilight movies and thus basically obligated to start work on an adaptation of the series' completely insane fourth book — in which, lest you need reminding, Edward impregnates Bella with a fast-growing, rib-cracking demon baby and delivers it via C-section with his teeth — how do you go about it in a tasteful-seeming way that won't totally embarrass a studio that just last week won its first-ever Oscar for Best Picture? Apparently you offer Breaking Dawn to classy directors like Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon, and Gus Van Sant, which is what Summit did, says EW. And when they all say "no," you get Chris Weitz, or whoever, presumably.

Exclusive: Summit looking at Academy Award-nominated directors for 'Breaking Dawn' [Hollywood Insider/EW]