Do Not Eat Cake While Reading the Following Anecdote From Moby


How accurately does The Runaways, the movie about Joan Jett’s first band, portray the sex, drugs, and depravity of the rock-and-roll touring life? It’s pretty spot-on, according to Moby. After Wednesday's premiere, he told us that the antics in the movie are actually tame compared to reality, and gave us one example, based on a scene from the movie that we won’t spoil.

“I remember one time I was finishing a tour, and a well-known actor who’s had a lot of problems with drugs over the years was backstage while I was playing, and on a dare he took a poo on an end-of-tour cake that was on my dressing-room table,” Moby said. “So I finished the show and I came back and he was laughing and laughing because he had successfully pooed in public on top of this cake.” We recovered just enough composure to beg him to reveal this well-known druggie, pooping actor’s name, but to no avail. “In the interest of not getting shot, I can’t say who it is,” he said. See our less scatological slideshow from the premiere here.