The Runaways Trailer: It’s Supposed to Look Cheap, Get It?


The full-length trailer for The Runaways finally came out last night, after an abysmal teaser kicked around Twilight fan sites for months. The new trailer swaps out the cheesy traditional trailer narrator ("In 1975, rock was a man's world ... ") for mediocre singer Dakota Fanning's character Cherie Currie's more personal voice-over. If the trailer, and the movie, have a DIY/guerrilla feel, that's because it was punk rock, get it? And if Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart seem like little girls playing dress-up and trying (and failing) to act tough (particularly in the drug and sex scenes), it's because they really were in real life, get it? How wrong would it be if this movie were all slick and professional? Despite what looks to be a retread of pretty much every based-on-a-true-story band or drug movie's Behind the Music story arc (Almost Famous, Blow), the little girl angle does refresh it a bit. Oh, whatever, the trailer is almost unnecessary: People will see this either because they're Twi-hards or they want to see Dakota and Kristen kiss.