The Switch Trailer: Focus-Grouped and Improved


You might better recognize The Switch — the Jennifer Aniston–Jason Bateman comedy about a woman getting pregnant via artificial insemination, and her best friend who secretly switches in his own sperm — by its original title, The Baster: After focus-group testing came back negative, it was changed (despite all your brilliant, slightly dirty suggestions) to something much more bland. We hope Jeffrey Eugenides isn’t offended, as “Baster” was the title of his short story on which the movie is based; then again, by the looks of this new trailer, he might be pleased to gain some separation. We’d ride with Bateman in just about anything, but we’re already dreading sitting through the scene where he has to confess to Aniston that he got drunk at her insemination party and switched out handsome, fit Patrick Wilson’s donation for his own schlubby goods. That said, the part where the little kid goes, "I think I have cyclothyme disorder" is pretty funny.