Vulture’s Fantasy Oscar Odds


The London bookmakers have set the odds for Sunday's Oscars! What can we learn from the pros? The Hurt Locker is paying less than even money for Best Picture. Some books have Christoph Waltz at 1–40 odds — not 40–1, 1–40 — for Supporting Actor. And for the truly degenerate gambler, you can make some serious money betting Fantastic Mr. Fox at 23–1 odds for Best Original Score.

But all Oscar odds have one thing in common: They only tell you who's gonna win. But what about the parts of the Oscars we really care about, like the speeches, the tuxes, the grudges, and the inexplicable gaffes? That's where Vulture's Oscar Odds come in. Click the image to get the betting lines for ninjas, burritos, and rabbis getting involved.