Courthouse Fire Keeps Lil Wayne From Jail Again


So we just got back a little while ago from the Criminal Courthouse downtown, where Lil Wayne was scheduled to report to Rikers this afternoon, and guess what? His hearing was postponed! After massive amounts of dental surgery kept him out of prison last month, another bizarre incident has stalled his sentence: A friggin’ fire broke out at the courthouse this morning, causing minor injuries to five firefighters, two civilians, and a prisoner. The fire was put out within 45 minutes, but the whole building was evacuated and shut down for the day. Apparently there was heavy smoke throughout the building in the morning, but by the time we got there the scene had settled down, with bored, irritable cops there to snap at us and yellow caution tape holding a small gathering of lawyers, jurors, reporters, and French Lil Wayne fans at bay. It’s unclear when the hearing will be rescheduled for, but in the meantime, we’re fully enjoying the fact that Wayne’s jail sentencing seems to be as comically and consistently delayed as the release dates for his albums.

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