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speeches that aren't meant to be

Williams Interrupted Again During Acceptance Speech, Take Two

Larry King gave “Kanye’d” Academy Award Best Documentary Short winner Roger Ross Williams a chance to give a full acceptance speech on Larry King Live tonight, and it was super weird! Williams — who won for his film Music by Prudence — begins the speech with feigned surprise (an auspicious start); he pretends his mother and the film's subject are in the room (disconcerting); and then, toward the middle, he is interrupted (!!), apparently because they are running out of time in the segment. And as if getting interrupted for a second night in a row isn't awkward enough, Williams then has to shuffle back to the desk, where King queries "Don'tcha have anything left?" This guy just really isn’t meant to give a speech.

Williams was interrupted last night by “Lady Kanye,” producer Elinor Burkett, with whom he settled a lawsuit last year over creative control of Prudence.