Zombies to Run Amok on AMC


Did you think AMC would content itself with just two dark, excellent drama series in which flawed family men contend with inner demons and less-than-ideal circumstances? If so, you must be incredibly stupid, because the network has given the thumbs-up for a show based on Robert Kirkman's awesome comic-book series The Walking Dead, about a Kentucky police officer leading a group of human survivors to safety following a zombie apocalypse. Frank Darabont wrote and will direct the first episode, which premieres in October. AMC had initially ordered just a pilot, but Darabont reportedly impressed them with his idea for a six-episode arc. "[Darabont]'s taken the baseline road map of the underlying material and just blew it out to the next level," a network exec tells Variety. "There's stuff in there that will make the people who love the comics very happy and some surprises in there as well." We're officially excited for this.

AMC orders 'Walking Dead' to series [Variety]