Beastly Trailer: It’s High-School Beastical!


The next Star Trek movie isn't slated to come out until June 2012, but it looks like the mutant offspring of Eric Bana's Nero, complete with shaved head and exotic facial tattoos (plus some more unbecoming lacerations), will be arriving in theaters much sooner! Teen romance Beastly stars Kyle (Alex Pettyfer) as a rich, popular, hot jerkwad who gets disfigured by a witchy Mary-Kate Olsen intent on making him "as aggressively unattractive outside as [he is] inside." (She kindly leaves his abdominal muscles intact.) Kyle has one year to make someone love him, or he'll be stuck looking icky forever. Luckily, love interest Vanessa Hudgens doesn't care if a boy has perma-staples in his face, so long as he builds her greenhouses in his spare time. This one seems like it might work out! Neil Patrick Harris is on hand to play Kyle's blind tutor, and at the 2:26 mark Mary-Kate does a spaced-out line reading of "Can't. Sorry" that would make a surfer in a K-hole proud. Who needs Star Trek?