Chris Rock Made a Really Weird ‘Hey Ya’ Parody Six Years Ago, and Now We Get to See It


Wow! What the hell is going on here? For reasons not yet explained, someone has released the video for “Crackers,” a “Hey Ya” parody Chris Rock made in the fall of 2004 that is about white people. It’s really unsettling! The Chris Rock clones in horse-riding gear are plenty strange, and then there’s also lyrics like “My father’s light-skinned/he hates you cracker bastards 'cause his dick is so small” and “You raped my grandma.” Probably not a bad call on Rock’s part to hold on to this one! But who released it now? Could it be some sort of secretive marketing for Rock’s new movie Death at a Funeral? But what if Luke Wilson and Peter Dinklage, the prominent non–African-American Death at a Funeral cast members, are offended? What does Weird Al think? As for us, we’re just happy to know the video dates back to 2004, because if Chris Rock were making “Hey Ya” parodies now, that’d be truly disturbing.