Christina Aguilera Resorts to Sex Noises in “Not Myself Tonight” Video


The video for "Not Myself Tonight," the lead single off of Christina Aguilera's new album Bionic, jumps on the retro-chic "event" music-video train, with as much kinky bondage gear, F-bombs, product placement, and outré hairstyles as it can cram into three minutes. Following in the grand-ululating tradition of Jane Birkin, Salt N' Pepa, and Madonna, Aguilera spends the last 45 seconds of the three-minute song making throaty sex sounds while clambering all over a male model. The two minutes and fifteen seconds that precede this do contain echoes of Lady Gaga, but the truth is, when you're a tiny blonde chick running around in S&M gear, it's hard not to look like another tiny blonde chick running around in S&M gear, especially when you're both trying to look like a less tiny brunette chick running around in S&M gear.