Conan to Break His Silence This Sunday on 60 Minutes


It would appear Conan O’Brien has been counting down the minutes until May 1, the day his agreement with NBC to not have any interviews in print or broadcast expires. In a conversation with Steve Kroft on this Sunday's edition of CBS’ 60 Minutes, O’Brien will give his first interview since leaving NBC. There is one catch, though; per the terms of his $45 million exit deal, O’Brien will not be able to disparage NBC or Jay Leno during the interview; but don’t worry — Kroft told the Times that O’Brien “flirts with the restrictions.” Another quirk: CBS is banned from showing O’Brien on television before Saturday, adding an unusual challenge to the network’s on-air promotions for the program. “I think we’ll just show me talking to him and have to blank his face out,” Kroft said.

Conan O’Brien Will Appear on ‘60 Minutes’ on Sunday [Media Decoder/NYT]